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ShrimpBot v1.6

I’ve uploaded an updated version of the ShrimpBot template to ThingiVerse. #Changes from V1.5 to V1.6 1) Larger wheels, if they are turned 360° in opposite directions bot will turn 360° 2) Option to mount motors on outside 3) 2 … Continue reading

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Levelling the new curriculum

One aspect of teaching ICT I used to struggle with was levelling. More specifically getting students to understand what level they are working at and how to improve on that level. I spent a lot of time integrating levels into my teaching … Continue reading

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ShrimpBot parts

I thought for my first blog post I would add some details of the parts I’m using for the #ShrimpBot project. You can see videos of the shrimp bot here Since I first came across the very low cost “Shrimping … Continue reading

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