Levelling the new curriculum

One aspect of teaching ICT I used to struggle with was levelling. More specifically getting students to understand what level they are working at and how to improve on that level. I spent a lot of time integrating levels into my teaching and to my resources.

Last year I decided to try to create some general purpose resources based on key words rather than complete level descriptors. One of these resources that worked well where my level dice, these had levels 3 to 8 on each side with a series of keywords to match each level. If students are completing written work (mainly evaluations) I have these on the desks and encourage them to try and use the key words. I also use them for questioning, students pass the dice around and have to try to describe what they did/learnt during the lesson using the highest level number they can. Other times I will show some examples of student work on the board and have each table try to give them a level using the dice.

I think this resource worked well because it was simple, re-useable and could be applied to a range of topics.

Level Dice

You can download the dice template here if you want

With the move to a new curriculum I’m now teaching Computing, Programming, Robotics and Computational thinking (to name a few). I am now looking at how to effectively level students  and how to get them to understand these new levels. CAS have provided a suggested curriculum complete with level descriptors that is proving quite useful as a starting point .

The question I am now asking is do I need to add new KeyWords to my Dice (and other resources) or do I need to create some new dice for this new curriculum.

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2 Responses to Levelling the new curriculum

  1. Dave Ames says:

    You should put these up as a resource on the CAS website and ask for suggestions there.

    I shall be downloading them now.

    Dave A

  2. Pat Link says:

    I like the idea of the dice to have pupils see the level in this format. In design and technology it is also difficult to get pupils to understand level and apply them to progress. Project outcomes can vary so much between levels 4-7 and pupils only seemed to understand how to improve when I used group discussion to look at examples of others. I use keyword and keep relating my subject back to applied mathematics and science.
    I will adapt your dice to design and technology and use these to make keyword dice.
    One game I use as a starter is give pupils keywords and set a word count to make the best use of the word and not be over or under the word count. This can also be some times explain how something functions.

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